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Capstone Project – Top 2-3 Ideas

  • DanceBeat:


Storyline: No definitive storyline. Games can be catchy without a storyline, and endless gaming is easier without one.

Characters: Any number necessary to cover all instruments present in a piece of music. Their designs and personalities are nonessential to the game, periphery even.

Scenes: If by “scenes”, you mean the Scenes option present in Unity, there is likely to be a scene for a stage & gameplay, and one for the main menu. Perhaps one for a credits scene? High score board.

Objects: The stage, the audience, each instrument, each musician, the keyboard note interface & the notes, score counter, camera and lighting (duh), menu buttons and graphics.

Levels: One per song. Unless magical licensing faeries come down to us and bestow music contracts, we’ll have to write our own songs. Simple enough with GarageBand and GPL MIDI editors. MIDI will allow trivial conversion from song to key prompts. A difficulty curve could be that later levels have longer songs.

Action: Letters would come down from the top of the screen to the bottom, where there is a shadow keyboard. When a letter falls to over where it would be on the keyboard, the user is to press it, to make the player character play that note. Missed notes incur a penalty on a score counter, which was set to a fixed amount at the beginning of the scene. Should the score reach 0, the player loses the game. The player is to aim for a high score. Some levels could have an improv section where the player can hammer on certain keys however they feel pleased to, and the player character actually plays those notes, allowing for integration of the will of the player into the game.


Storyline: You, a spelunker, hear from a local town of great riches in a nearby cave, guarded by monsters. Go get those riches!

Characters: You, shopkeeper, enemies, NPCs, boss enemy (Name of boss enemy should be Mima. Just sayin’).

Scenes: In Unity, probably only one. Programmatically, a dungeon might be in a different “scene” than the outside world.

Objects: Vendor trash (like Bear Arses, Spider Fangs, etc.), swords, healing potions, gold (probably just a counter), armor.

Levels: Dungeon levels (literal Y component levels), the town, indoor shop (even if its outside, buying is its own level), conversations, perhaps.

Action: Defeat monsters! Rely on your wits and ingenuity to survive! Escape death and get rich! Defeat an evil being of evil on the way!

  • Cityscape

Storyline: The world is a big place. It’s worth a gander.

Characters: You.

Scenes: One large scene, but high poly, with internals of things like buildings and cars rendered as part of this same scene.

Objects: Doors, to walk through.

Levels: One: the city.

Action: Exploration has appeal on its own.

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